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Brand: Evolution
Versatile, accurate and portable with a high quality performance. Featuring strong magnetic adhesion (1500kg f), gravity oil feed and a powerful 1200W motor this magnetic drill revels in heavy-duty site work and steel fabrication tasks. The cuts are precise and clean due to an optimised ro..
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Brand: Evolution
The Evolution Cyclone Magnetic Swarf Collector is the perfect tool to quickly clean up your metal shavings and scrap pieces. Simply wave the Magnetic Stick over the metal shavings to pick them up, carry them over to your scrap barrel, pull the plunger and the shavings are neatly deposited. The Cyclo..
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Brand: Evolution
• High quality, precision tool• Cyclone cutters can be heat treated up to 68 RC and retain tempered hardness• Offers better economy, quality and performance• Manufactured from fully ground M2 steelSet contains:  - 1 x Short cutter (14 mm)  - 1 x Short cutter (18 mm)  - 1 x Short cutte..
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Brand: Evolution
The Evolution S185CCSL Industrial Circular Saw has a heavy-duty, portable design that is ideal for cutting steel plate, box sections, scaffolding, cladding and roofing. When cutting steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks unlike alternative m..
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