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Heavy Duty Diesel Driven Generators

Engine PERKINS 404C-22G, water cooled, diesel. Alternator STAMFORD BC 184E, synchronous, brushless. Super-silenced Power: 20 kVA, three phase Ready for the use with a AMF - ATS unit (EAS) CEE sockets standard 2 x 16A 230V 2P+T 1 x 32A 230V 2P+T 1 x 32A 400V 3P+N+T..
(Ex VAT)€9,093.50
YANMAR L 100 N engine, Air cooled, Diesel SINCRO EK2 MCT Alternator, synchronous, with brushes Protective frame Power: 5.7 kVA single phase Electric start CEE sockets standard: 1 x 16A 230V 1 x 32A 230V..
(Ex VAT)€2,593.50
Engine YANMAR L100, air cooled, diesel. Alternator MOSA, asynchronous, brushless Protective frame Max welding current 190A Welding process: CC Stick, TIG Scratch start Auxiliary output: CEE socket standard: 1x 16A 400V; 1x 16A 230V; 1x 32A 48V..
(Ex VAT)€3,445.00
Brand: Clarke
On-site electricity for trade or leisure applications where a reliable source of 115V or 230V power is required. With a maximum output of 5,000W and the economy of diesel it is ideal for builders, remote workshops, car valeters, motorsport teams, leisure events, caravan and camping sites etc.\n\nThe..
(Ex VAT)€1,199.00
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