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Replacement blade fits: RAGE Multipurpose Circular Saw, RAGE4 Mulitipurpose Advan-Saw & OUTRAGE 36V Li-Ion Cordless Multipurpose Circular Saw.Advanced TCT technology enables Steel, Aluminium and Wood (even wood with nails) to be cut with this single blade. Please Note - This blade is only su..
(Ex VAT)€45.00
Replacement blade for the RAGE2 14inch Multipurpose Circular Saw. Advanced TCT technology enables Steel, Aluminium and Wood(even wood with nails) to be cut with this single blade.Blade Diameter 14inchMax Speed 1600RPMBore 25.4mmKerf (Thickness) 0.094inch36 Teeth..
(Ex VAT)€65.04
This Evolution carbide tipped saw blade is ideal for cutting mild steel. Evolution metal cutting blades use dry cut technology, cutting with minimal heat and burrs. The hardened blade body ensures the blade runs truer for longer. High-grade carbide teeth offer increased durability. Designed for use ..
€99.62 €147.40
(Ex VAT)€80.99
Designed specifically to cut Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Material applications include: grating, extrusions, pipe and tube. NB: Evolution blades are designed specifically for Evolution machines. SpecificationNo heat. No Burrs, No Coolant80 teethCuts steel 4 times faster than abrasives di..
€140.00 €153.75
(Ex VAT)€113.82
Compact, portable - quicker and easier to use than a hacksaw and far more portable than a full sized cut-off saw. Versatile too; the Rage 4 is equally at home cutting wood, steel or aluminium. And no need for either a 'workmate' or a vice - the Rage 4 has it's own material vice too. 1050 Wat..
€183.27 €239.85
(Ex VAT)€149.00
Diameter: 14" Application: Stainless Steel Teeth: 90 Bore: 25.4mm Max. RPM: 1450..
€195.57 €232.47
(Ex VAT)€159.00
Quick assembly mitre saw that easily cuts steel, aluminium and wood (even nail-embedded) using one blade. Supplied with 210mm, 20-tooth TCT blade for burr-free cutting 1500W Max. Cross Cut 220 x 60mm Includes 20-Tooth TCT Blade Laser Cutting Guide Die-Cast Aluminium B..
(Ex VAT)€169.00
The Evolution R355CPS Multi-Material Chop Saw uses patented Evolution multi-material cutting technology, optimised to cut wood, mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood with embedded nails and plastic with a single blade. The superiority over abrasive methods are indisputable, leaves a ready-to-weld, ac..
€329.00 €399.00
(Ex VAT)€267.48
The HTC RAGE-2 355mm Cut Off Saw comprehensively out-performs abrasive saws. Featuring patented RAGE® technology, and utilising a TCT blade rather than an abrasive wheel, the RAGE2 will easily cut Steel, Aluminium and Wood (even wood with nails), using just one blade. The cut is fast, clean with ..
(Ex VAT)€267.48
RAGE3 255mm TCT Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw Cuts Steel, Aluminium & Wood With One Saw & One Blade! Utilising patented professional RAGE® technology; easily cuts Steel, Aluminium, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade! Features a hi-torque gearbox, which reduces..
€330.87 €405.90
(Ex VAT)€269.00
Evolution Power Tools. Premium Metal Cutting Power Tools & Accessories - Evolution is a leader in the steel and fabrication industry, offering industrial metal cutting products and related accessories.CUT SAFER - When cutting metals, Evolution blades leave an instantly workab..
(Ex VAT)€288.62
With a Hi torque 2400W motor this Electric Disc Cutter is the ideal alternative to the petrol-powered equivalent. It is simple to use, quiet and requires very little maintenance. Supplied with a 305mm diamond blade this product is essential for cutting masonry applications such as stone, concrete an..
(Ex VAT)€340.65
The RAGE3-DB is the ultimate mitre saw, combining innovative multipurpose cutting technology with a double bevel facility, which reduces the need to re-adjust the workpiece. Utilising RAGE® technology it easily cuts Steel, Aluminium and Wood (even wood with nails), using just one blade. When cutting..
(Ex VAT)€405.69
Evolution RAGE5-S 255mm Multipurpose Table Saw cuts Steel, Aluminium & Wood with one saw & one blade. This RAGE5-S table saw is optimised to cut mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, even wood with embedded nails & plastic with a single blade. Faster working through no blade changes.When..
(Ex VAT)€405.69
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