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Code: LA253 Size: 195mm (h) X 110mm X 39mm Square Base Weight (kg): 1.35kg..
(Ex VAT)€6.50
Code: LA163 Size: 210mm (h) X 40mm Square Base Weight (kg): 1.15kg..
(Ex VAT)€5.50
Code: K122 Size: 140mm (h) X 80mm X 40mm Round Base Weight (kg): 0.83kg..
(Ex VAT)€4.50
Code: LA153 Size: 190mm (h) X 90mm X 20mm Round Stem Weight (kg): 0.55kg..
(Ex VAT)€4.10
Code: LA213 Size: 170mm (h) X 85mm (w) X 28mm Round Base Weight (kg): 0.51kg..
(Ex VAT)€3.80
Code: LA212 Size: 140mm (h) X 70mm (w) X 20mm Round Base Weight (kg): 0.3kg..
(Ex VAT)€3.50
Code: K121 Size: 126mm (h) X 64mm X 25mm Round Base Weight (kg): 0.48kg..
(Ex VAT)€2.60
Code: LA161 Size: 120mm (h) X 24mm Square Base Weight (kg): 0.26kg..
(Ex VAT)€2.10
Code: LA152 Size: 153mm (h) X 70mm X 15mm Round Stem Weight (kg): 0.3kg  ..
(Ex VAT)€1.80
Code: LA211 Size: 125mm (h) X 63mm (w) X 24mm Round Base Weight (kg): 0.22kg..
(Ex VAT)€1.65
Code: LA251 Height: 123mm X 67mm  X 24mm Square Base Weight (kg): 0.3kg..
(Ex VAT)€1.64
Code: K120 Size: 82mm (h) X 45mm X 20mm Round Base Weight (kg): 0.15kg..
(Ex VAT)€1.40
Code: LA151 Size: 133mm (h) X 59mm X 12mm Round Stem Weight (kg): 0.19kg..
(Ex VAT)€1.20
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