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Our Gas Equipment includes single and multi-stage regulators, cutting torches, hoses, flashback arrestors, nozzles and cutting tips, plus kits. We strive to offer only the best products from a variety of manufacturers including Parweld UK and SWP UK.

Zinc-plated steel, long reach torch suitable for torch-down roofing, flat roofing repairs, road line burning and weed killing. Kit contains 1000mm torch arm with pilot feature and 50mm burner...
(Ex VAT)€31.22
High temperature gas similar to acetalyne for use with Turbo Torch when brazing or soldering large diameter copper pipes. Size. 453gm The QP8937H Quick Pro Auto Swirl Gas Blow torch features a swirl flame burner for more even distribution of heat and instant FLARESAFE. Complete with piezo ig..
€63.95 €104.06
(Ex VAT)€52.85
Brand: Clarke
An intermediate length gas torch asembly for heating and burning applications such as roof work, ground burning and weed control.Features650mm burner, arm & flame control valve handle overall length.Fitted with 60mm dia. burner shroud.Operates using propane gas..
(Ex VAT)€57.34
Brand: Clarke
PLK1074 700mm Twin Burner Gas Torch Kit. Double 60mm burner ideal for roofing on large surfaces, road line burning, industrial work, weld pre-heating and weed burning.Features700mm Long torch handle with flame intensity adjustment5m hoseRegulatorTwin 600mm burners..
(Ex VAT)€59.95
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