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Power Hacksaws, Bandsaws & Metal Cutting Saws

With decades of experience of designing and producing saw blades, all of this knowledge and expertise has been applied to the design and build of the horizontal and vertical machines. Produced under license the Starrett band saw machines offer class-leading material cutting performance, and provides Irish manufacturing companies with a cost-effective alternative to the general purpose saws already on the market.
Light-weighted and handy metal band saw. Perfect for the universal use on building sites, forassembly, for car services, in the shop, in the do-it-yourself room and in agriculture.Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price· Automatic limit stopQuick-action vice for rapid workpiece clampingM..
(Ex VAT)€690.00
Metal band saw for easy sawing. Mitre saws from -45° to +60° via slewable saw bowProtector switch for saw band saw belt off and for belt housingSeparate EMERGENCY-STOP push buttonLow voltage electronics 24 VLow-noise runningSaw band guiding via ball bearingThree speed stages for a broad choice of ma..
(Ex VAT)€850.00
The metal band saw for demanding sawing with driving belts and 4 sawing speeds. Low-noise running Solid casting type Lowering of the saw bow by means of the hydraulic cylinder with infinitely variable throttle valve Micro switch for automatic limit stop Scale good read for angle adjustment W..
(Ex VAT)€1,325.00
Metal band saws with slewable saw bow and 2 saw band speeds.Low-noise runningStable casting typeHigh cutting accuracy due to vibration-free runningTwo switchable speedsLowering of the saw bow by means of the hydraulic cylinder with infinitely variable throttle valveMicro switch for automatic limit s..
(Ex VAT)€2,250.00
Metal band saws with slewable saw bow and 2 saw band speeds. Low-noise running Stable casting type High cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running Two switchable speeds Lowering of the saw bow by means of the hydraulic cylinder with infinitely variable throttle valve Micro switch for aut..
(Ex VAT)€2,250.00
Brand: Baileigh
When looking for a production bandsaw, you must look at all the ways that the saw can save money over your current means. Baileigh Industrial took that into consideration when designing the BS-24A automatic band saw. The BS-24A has been constructed using only industrial grade com..
(Ex VAT)€34,281.30
The S6330 machine was built in such a manner as to ensure quality and safety. Its cutting capacity and versatility enable the use of bimetal saw blades as well as saw blades with carbide teeth, thus ensuring high speed precision cutting of hard and abrasive metals.Features Blade speed controlle..
€44,330.00 €45,510.00
(Ex VAT)€36,040.65
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-712MS is one of the most versatile horizontal bandsaws on the market. The design is based on the BS-712M, but with an added heavy-duty, cast iron swivel head to do its mitering instead of the vice. This feature allows for faster production times and less waste. The BS-712M..
(Ex VAT)€2,230.08
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-128M bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for the home shop or hobbyist. But, just because this is an economical saw, doesn’t mean it is short on features. The BS-128M can either be run as a standard horizontal pivot style bandsaw or as a vertical bandsaw, by lifting the head 90 degree..
(Ex VAT)€850.00
The maximum processing capacity is 7"Four cutting speeds.With a sizing deviceIt has a power brake protection.The cooling system of the machine can prolong the life of saw blade and improve the precision of workpiece.The bow can be swiveled between 45° and 90 °...
(Ex VAT)€1,056.10
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-350SA runs on 220 volt or 400 volt, 50hz power and has a cutting capacity of 267mm, but the best part of the BS-350SA is that is has a full cast iron head and bow can mitre 60° right and 45° left. The BS-350SA blade motor features a 2hp motor which is driven..
(Ex VAT)€6,888.62
Brand: Baileigh
You can control the descent of the BS-210M in 2 ways: manually (with a trigger switch) or with a hydraulic descent feature—usually seen only on more expensive models. With a good mix of features at an economical price, this saw is ideal for small-to-medium machine shops ..
(Ex VAT)€2,332.52
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-250M horizontal bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial is a great saw for any fabrication shop that cuts a variety of materials and profiles. The BS-250M is an inverter driven, variable speed bandsaw that allows the operator to precisely adjust the speed for the proper blade and..
(Ex VAT)€3,300.00
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-916M horizontal bandsaw is based on the BS-300M, but with a smaller footprint for those shops that have limited space. Like all Baileigh Industrial bandsaws the BS-916M is built to last, with a full cast iron bed and fully welded base it can take punishment. An easy t..
(Ex VAT)€3,389.43
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-127P portable band saw is portable and can be used almost anywhere. We designed this manual, variable-speed model for small shops and hobbyists. 127mm round capacity.Miters 60° to the right.Swivel-head miter adjustment (instead of vise adjustment) ..
(Ex VAT)€544.72
The S3420 line is part of a new generation of machines, including several technical properties that provide users with benefits and advantages. This model is designed for production, but it can also be used in other applications, such as metalworking shops and laboratories, for cutting specimens, al..
€4,814.99 €5,227.50
(Ex VAT)€3,914.63
Brand: Baileigh
The BS-330SA semi-automatic bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial is based on the BS-330M. The BS-330SA uses an industrial-grade hydraulic system to clamp the vice, lower the head, and to return the head after cutting. This system greatly improves productivity.The blade is powere..
(Ex VAT)€9,842.28
Brand: Baileigh
If you need to cut steel all day, every day, then the BS-360SAsemi-automatic column band saw is for you. The BS-360SAfrom Baileigh Industrial offers a huge 356mm x 559mm (14” x 22”) rectangle capacity. Like all Baileigh Industrial bandsaws, this single column saw is built with the highest ..
(Ex VAT)€12,726.02
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