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Starrett S1105 Bench Top Band Saw Machine

Weighing only 17kg, the Starrett S1105 bench top band saw machine is a lightweight band saw machine ideal for tradesmen, hobbyists, small workshops and maintenance departments. The machine is available with either a 110V or a 220V power supply and offers fast cutting and long blade life on small so..

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Starrett S1101 Bench Top Machines

Ideal for small to 100 x 150mm cuts in thin tubes and structural sections, the S1101 machine is designed for maintenance workshops and metalworking. Its measurements and low weight allow for easy and safe transportation. In addition, its versatility ensures a range of cutting angles, a unique fea..

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BS-712R Metal Cutting Bandsaw 7" x 12"

The maximum processing capacity is 7"Four cutting speeds.With a sizing deviceIt has a power brake protection.The cooling system of the machine can prolong the life of saw blade and improve the precision of workpiece.The bow can be swiveled between 45° and 90 °...

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Starrett Gravitational & Manual Horizontal Band Saw Machine (3 Phase)

The S3120 has been developed with productivity, robustness, and high-speed cutting performance in mind. It is ideally suited for professionals or businesses looking to acquire a versatile, low-maintenance piece of equipment that offers them an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Two speed switc..

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S3420NG Manual Horizontal Band Saw Machine

The S3420 line is part of a new generation of machines, including several technical properties that provide users with benefits and advantages. This model is designed for production, but it can also be used in other applications, such as metalworking shops and laboratories, for cutting specimens,..

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Starrett Gravitational & Manual Horizontal Band Saw Machine

With excellent cutting and production capabilities, the S3720NG model is designed for companies where mitre cutting of larger, structural profiles and solid materials is required. They are part of a new generation of machines and rely on their robustness, simplicity, low cost, optimized productiv..

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Starrett Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine

As a semi-automatic machine, this model uses state-of-the-art technology for this type of equipment. The technical characteristics provide users with high production capacity and versatility for the most varied types of cuts and shapes. This model can cut mitred corners on both negative (-45º) an..

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Starrett Semi-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine

This semi-automatic machine can perform mitre cutting of structural profiles up to 75° & - 45°, outstanding for everyday jobs. In addition, the high cutting capacity of 300 x 300mm and its rigid construction makes this machine offer a smooth, controlled cutting speed with hydraulic feed press..

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Bandsaw Machines
Bandsaw Machines

With decades of experience of designing and producing saw blades, all of this knowledge and expertise has been applied to the design and build of the horizontal and vertical machines. Produced under license the Starrett band saw machines offer class-leading material cutting performance, and provides Irish manufacturing companies with a cost-effective alternative to the general purpose saws already on the market.