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A wide range of quality Welding Helmets are available at Wholesale Welding Supplies, Dublin. Our Welding helmets are fully CE Approved and provide great protection of your eyes while welding. The welding helmets are adjustable so they don't need to be taken off or put down while working. They are also a full wraparound helmet protecting your eyes, ears, hair etc.

The Weltek Navitek S4 Air Fed light reactive welding helmet is a high quality air fed welding mask featuring variable shade from 9-13 so is suitable for all welding jobs, flip up visor for grinding mode, 2 Air flow speeds with L-Ion battery 10 hours running time. Conforms to EN12941 and come..
(Ex VAT)€621.95
The WF50 Multiview, combined with the Grinding Visor, offers versatile three-in-one head protection when connected to the R60 Airmax Papr. This unique combination offers comfort, freedom of movement and maximum protection in a wide variety of confined space and open environment applications. In addi..
(Ex VAT)€605.34
The Albatross WH30 is a low weight yet toug PAPR and welding helmet combination designed for grinding and welding activites and is CE certified for B rate (EN 175 ad EN 166) impact resistance. It features an easy to replace filter holding mechanism for a wide range of mnral glasses and ADFs and is f..
(Ex VAT)€584.10
The WF50 Multiview brings a new concept to welding head protection by offering IRUV5 shade 5 side windows to enable you to be more aware of nearby moving machinery and other peripheral hazard. Also available without side windows(blocked), the WF50 is specifically designed to be used with the R60 Air..
(Ex VAT)€541.62
Brand: Parweld
XR940A POWERED AIR PURIFYING RESPIRATOR PAPRThe Parweld Powered Air Purifying Respiratory System (PAPR) is an easy-to-use, versatile respirator for particulate environments. With a compact and slim design, the powered air respirator is the answer to your respiratory protection needs.•LightweightLigh..
(Ex VAT)€483.74
The Proline PAPR unit offers welders comfort and protection with continuous, automatically variable air flow control – 165-200-230 l/min. With a TH2 protection factor, the Proline PAPR is suitable for most welding applications. Automatic Variable Flow Rate Auto shutdown if unused for 3..
€460.00 €574.41
(Ex VAT)€373.98
Comfortable and High-performance Comfort and individual scope for adaptation, a large viewing area and consistent quality make the optrel e650 an optimum working tool for most welding methods. In addition to the infinitely variable shade level (can be set between levels 9–13), the helmet offers a ..
(Ex VAT)€330.00
The Multiview WH50 brings a new concept to welding head protection, offering URUV5 side windows to enable the wearer to be more aware of nearby moving machinery and other peripheral hazards. This exclusive design makes welding a more comfortable and safer process. The Multiview is also available wit..
(Ex VAT)€269.75
Brand: Parweld
The new Parweld XR939H welding ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) flips inside the helmet to give a wide view grinding visor. The unique internal flip design gives exceptional balance. The ADF has dual shade range, variable from 4-8 and 9-13. All the controls are external so no need to fiddle inside the he..
(Ex VAT)€182.93
Grinding function with warning flash. Digital variable shade filter: 5-9 / 9-13 Cartridge size: 114 x 13 mm Viewing area: 100 x 60 mm Switching times: Light to Dark: 0.08 ms, Dark to Light: 0.1-0.9 secs Four detection sensors offer wider detection of welding arc. ..
(Ex VAT)€180.54
Brand: Parweld
•Arc welding generates visible light, infrared and ultra violet radiation, which can damage eyes and skin. The Parweld XR937H Large View Light Reactive Welding Helmet offers the latest innovative protection for the welder.•Moulded ConstructionThe XR937H is both slim and lightweight in construction. ..
€158.67 €175.00
(Ex VAT)€129.00
Shade 4-9/13 Grinding functions with warning flash Cartridge soze: 114 x133mm Viewing area: 100 x 60mm Switching times: Light to Dark: 0.8ms, Dark to Light: 0.1-0.9 secs Four sensors offer wider detection ofwelding arc Adjustable Sensitivity/Delay Polycarbon..
€134.07 €142.68
(Ex VAT)€109.00
Variable Shade Welding Helmet 9 - 13 Features:  Thick Durable Construction.  Internal sensitivity and delay controls.  Recessed lens.  2 year warranty on lens..
(Ex VAT)€96.88
  Variable Shade Welding Helmet 9 - 13 Features: Thick Durable Construction. Internal sensitivity and delay controls. Recessed lens. 2 year warranty on lens..
(Ex VAT)€96.88
A 30cm long leather monkey mask for welding in confined spaces. Takes 2" glass and plastic lenses. Kevlar stitched and flexible leather that is kind to your skin. EN175 Standard Does not include lenses. Lenses available separately..
(Ex VAT)€73.94
Brand: Clarke
This headshield has been designed to activate instantly when arc is struck. The grinding function provides protection from grinding sparks allowing the user to grind without the need to remove the mask.FeaturesFully automatic on/off98x43mm viewing area with Shade Din13 UV protectionEye protection to..
(Ex VAT)€71.22
Brand: Parweld
TRUE COLOUR LIGHT REACTIVE WELDING AND GRINDING HELMET•Moulded ConstructionThe XR938H is both slim and lightweight in construction. Manufactured from a high impact polyamide nylon material which ensures the helmet provides high levels of comfort and durability. The metallic paint finish ensures maxi..
(Ex VAT)€62.91
Features; Thick Durable Construction Recessed Lens Choose From Four Colours Internal Sensitivity & Delay Controls 2 Year Return to Base Warranty on Lens 110 x 90mm Front Cover Lens..
(Ex VAT)€62.66
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