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Automatic Centre Punch - ET102

Hand pressure alone will operate this surface impacting and marking device. Adjusting the internal spring tension varies the depth of impression. Hardened & ground punch points No hammer required Point is easily removed for re-sharpening or replacement ..


ET146 Number Punch Set 6.0mm Sale

ET146 Number Punch Set 6.0mm

Hardened & tempered steel letter & number punch sets with black finish. Ideal for a variety of security marking applications, supplied in storage cases. Model: ET146 Letter / Number: Number set Set: 9 Character Height: 6.0mm ..


8-Piece Short Drive/Pin Punch Set - ET101

A comprehensive 8 piece short drive set for general engineering use. Comprises: 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", ¼", 5/16" ..


CHT489 Revolving Leather Punch

Punches out holes of various diameters in leather, vinyl and similar material. Ideal for craft work, belts, shoes, boots, horse tack etc. Punches 6 hole sizes - 2mm - 4.5mm. All steel construction with spring handle and comfort grip. Waste pieces collect in head unit. Ov..


5-Piece Long Drive/Pin Punch Set ET103

A useful set of 5 long drive pin punches for general engineering use. Comprises: 1/8", 3/16", ¼", 5/32",3/8" ..


ET105 4mm Letter and Figure Punch Set Sale

ET105 4mm Letter and Figure Punch Set

Create an impression with this 36 piece x 4mm letter & figure set. A positive impact marks most metal surfaces for reference, security and positive identification. ..


17 Piece Punch Set - ET161

A comprehensive set of punches to cover most practical requirements. Including both non sparking brass pieces and others made from conventional hardened steel. 8 assorted steel pieces 8 assorted brass pieces 1 automatic centre punch ..


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