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Bar Benders

Able to bend 32mm rebar, these benders are extremely durable and will give years of trouble-free service.

Starrett Manual Horizontal Band Saw Machine

Developed with productivity, robustness, and high-speed cutting performance in mind. It is ideally suited for professionals or businesses looking to acquire a low-maintenance piece of equipment that offers them an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The S3220 version allows straight cutting (0°) only. ..


Ogura High Tensile 25mm Portable Hydraulic Bar Bender

Lightweight and compact design with no angle limit makes this bender ideal for finishing off work on pre-bent bar. Motor: 1330 W Bending Capability: Intermediate Grade 490 N/mm - 25 mm, Hard Grade 570 N/mm - 22 mm, High Grade 620 N/mm - 22 mm Bending Angle: 0 - 90° B..


Ogura High Tensile 32mm Portable Hydraulic Bar Bender

Stand-alone bender with unique built-in hydraulic pump. Capable of both "push bending" and "pull bending" with free rotating bending hook. Motor: 1330 W Bending Capability: 620 N/mm² Bending Angle: 0 - 90° Bending Speed 90°: 32 mm, 15 sec. - 13 mm, 11 sec Weight: 2..


Ogura Double-Acting Hydraulic Pump for use with HBB-538

With double acting operation for faster push and pull bending. Oil Flow: 1 l/min Max. Oil Pressure: 68.6 Mpa Weight: 22.0 kg Dimensions LxWxH : 257 x 257 x 327 mm Standard Accessories: Hydraulic oil ..


Ogura Mechanical 25mm 180° Portable Hydraulic Bar Bender

This high quality, compact and reliable bender features a powerful 1430W motor. Motor: 1430 W Bending Capability: 620 N/mm² Bending Angle: 0 - 180° Bending Speed 180°: 9 sec. Weight: 94.9 kg Dimensions LxWxH: 540 x 466 x 441 mm Standard Acc..


Ogura High Tensile 38 mm Portable Hydralic Bar Bender (for use with HPP Pump System)

This bar bender uses a separate hydraulic pump for power. It has the advantage that the bending tool is lighter than those with integral electric motors. Pump: HPP-570 Bending Capability: 620 N/mm² Bending Angle: 0 - 90° Bending Speed 90°: Pus..


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