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Plasma Consumables P40HF

Stand off Spring(5) - Plasma Cutter 40HF

Stand off Spring for R-Tech Plasma 40HF Packet of 5 ..


Cutting Tip(5) - Plasma Cutter 40HF

Long-life Cutting tip for R-Tech Plasma 40HF Packet of 5 ..


Ceramic Cup(5) - Plasma Cutter 40HF

Ceramic Cup for R-Tech Plasma 40HF Packet of 5 ..


Electrode (packet of 5) - Plasma Cutter 40HF

Long-life Electrode for R-Tech Plasma 40HF Packet of 5 ..


Torch switch for Plasma Cutters 40/60/80/100HF

Torch switch for Plasma 40/60/80/100HF ..


Torch Head (Hand Held) - Plasma Cutter 40HF

Torch Head (Hand Held Type)for Plasma 40HF ..


Plasma Cutter Consumables Kit for the P40HF

Save money by buying a consumables kit for the R-Tech P40HF Plasma Cutter.   20 x Electrodes 20 x Cutting Tips 10 x Ceramic Cups 10 x Stand-Off Springs Save over €25 on the individual selling price ..


P40HF Plasma Cutter Circle Cutting Kit

Circle Cutting kit for Plasma 40HF plasma cutterThis kit enables you to easily cut perfect circles out of sheet metal.Simple attachment to torch head secured with Allen key screws, comes with magnetic & hole fixing pivots.Max diameter cut - 80cm approx...


Complete Torch (Hand Held) - Plasma Cutter 40HF

Complete Quick Fit 6M Plasma torch for Plasma 40HF ..


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